New Product Propulsion


To launch a new educator assessment software program while supporting on-going sales efforts of product and related training materials.


MarketingWorks coordinated a complete product launch event during an industry conference for staff development educators, including creation of coordinated:
  • print advertisements
  • flyers
  • product information sheets
Next, MarketingWorks developed the theme and creative elements for the event and managed all logistical activities, including product demonstrations and trade show activities.
Following the product launch, MarketingWorks designed and implemented a direct mail campaign that included a program demo CD, and sent it to 30,000 targeted educators. In addition, MarketingWorks produced a new product brochure to coordinate with the brand image and established it as part of the product launch.


The successful response to the launch event was overwhelming:
  • 350+ new leads were generated from the launch
  • sales more than doubled six months after the launch